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Everyday office paper disposal
made simple and secure!

Eko-Boxes make office paper disposal more secure and environmentally friendly.

It's a simple as 1, 2, 3...

We deliver sealed Eko-Boxes to your office to be placed in strategic locations, usually next to copy machines.

Your staff drops unwanted paper material
into the slot.

When the boxes are full we collect them and take them to the paper disposal plant to be liquified.

This way, unwanted paper is easily and responsibly discarded, minimizing the chance of it falling into unwanted hands. And it's not only for white A4 sheets. Any paper material is acceptable. Eko-Boxes are not opened after they get to your office. We take the full sealed box to the papermill to be liquified with the contents. We do not sort paper at our facility to extract white paper for disposal. Our business is simply to securely dispose of your wastepaper, not to maximize profit on disposal white paper. The whole process can be filmed, tracked by bar code, and evidenced with official destruction certificates from the papermill.

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